Conference Policies

Awards Policy

In each committee, a number of delegates will be recognized for their exceptional performance in the role of their assigned country or character. Each delegate will be evaluated based on four major premises.

  1. Accurate representation of policy or character

  2. Appropriate decorum and committee behaviour

  3. Quality of position paper

  4. Public speaking skills

Each delegate may only receive one award. There are four types of awards at HCMUN:

  1. Best Delegate (1)

  2. Outstanding Delegate (1)

  3. Honorable Mention (1-3)

  4. Best Position Paper (1)

Position Papers

Position papers are mandatory if delegates wish to be eligible for an award. They must be between one and three pages in length, and citations should be done in Chicago format. Position papers are due on March 1st, 2018 at 11:59pm and must be sent to the email specified in your background guide. Any position papers submitted to an incorrect email or submitted after the deadline will not be eligible for awards. Individual cases may be brought up with the dais of a delegate's committee, and extenuating circumstances will be decided upon at the discretion of the dais. We recommend that all delegates write a position paper to consolidate and guide their research.

Media Policy and Consent

All delegates, faculty advisors, and other participants of HCMUN agree, unless otherwise specified, to allow HCMUN staff to photograph them during committee sessions. If you have any concerns, or would not like to be photographed, please contact us.