Dear Delegates and Staff Advisors,

On behalf of our Secretariat, conference staff, and Havergal College, we would like to extend a welcome to all delegates. We are delighted to host the fourth annual Havergal College Model United Nations (HCMUN) at Havergal College on March 3rd, 2018.

HCMUN IV will offer seven committees including several new and exciting committees. With committees ranging from the UN Office on Disaster Risk Reduction to the Richard the III crisis, there's a committee for delegates of all experience levels and interests.

The United Nations is guided by the values of diplomacy, collective action, and international peace, as vested by its founding document, the UN Charter. Delegates will be judged based on their adherence to these values, as well as their public speaking, knowledge of global affairs and their nation’s foreign policy, and usage of creative solutions to tackle global issues.

We would like to thank the HCMUN IV Secretariat, conference staff, and our faculty advisors for making this conference possible.

If you have any inquiries about the conference, we would be more than happy to offer our full assistance. Please contact us directly at, or our faculty advisors Ina Szekely, Adam Pounder and Sarah Croft.

Melissa Wong and Ellen Coady


Melissa Wong - Secretary General
Ellen Coady - Secretary General
Isabella Xu - USG Operations
Nicole Yoannou - USG Operations
Annie Pawliw - USG Delegate Affairs
Corie Shyba - USG Delegate Affairs